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ONSTAT provides a professional analysis of any acquired database. The best possible analysis will be chosen by professional statisticians in order to fill your reserach query.

Basic Service

Data analysis
The basic service, data analysis, is provided within the time period chosen by the client. Clients may choose to order the complete statistical report within 24 working hours, 3 or 5 working days. No matter which delivery time is chosen, the best fitting analysis are performed on following clients’ needs.
Client's data are analysed by skilled professionals, in order to fulfill client's clinical query. The final report will give an overview of one or multiple outcomes through tables and a brief explanation of the results. Results will be returned in word and/or pdf format, with formatted tables of the complete analysis.

Additional services

Scientific Production
Clients will have the possibility to order additional services, like abstracts, powerpoints, presentations or scientific papers. The scientific production is divided in two offers: standard and premium.

Standard service
Standard reporting will provide an extended explanation of results with the description of material and methods. Following client's need, this additional service will supply obtained results in the desired format or formats. Abstracts will be provided with a clear explantion of material and methods used for the analysis and an extended description of the results. Posters will be drafted in a powerpoint format, without specific formatting, with specific descriptions of material and methods, and results. Presentations will be carried out in a powerpoint format, without any formatting, with eventual logo indicated from the clients. Drafting of scientific papers will be developed with full description of materials and methods, with specific references, and the description of results. All results’ tables and figures will be added, in the most suitable format, to abstracts, posters, presentations and scientific papers.

Premium service
Premium reporting is aimed at completly fulfill client's need. It will provide a package composed by an abstract aimed for congress' submissions, a powepoint presentation, a poster and a scientific paper ready for submission.
Currently, the service will be provided as a complete package consisting of a full scientific paper, an abstract, a poster, and powerpoint presentations. The provided paper will be ready for submission. Given abstract will be drafted as ready to be submitted to congressess. Posters will be formatted in the specific posters formats, in order to be ready for presentations. Presentations will be provided in a powerpoint format, formatted in the requested format. All results’ tables and figures will be added, in the most suitable format, to abstracts, posters, presentations and scientific papers.

Data cleaning
Data collected from the clients and uploaded from the system are checked by ONSTAT check engine. When the electonic sheet uploaded results from a first check in a large amount of mistakes, that need to be corrected from the clients, ONSTAT may be contacted in order to delegate this task to the professional staff.

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