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The objective of the research is to explicitly answer to a problem defined in an explicit manner. Formulating a proper clinical question is a prerequisite to obtain a precise result. Squeezing multiple topics into one clinical questions lacks of efficacy, making the overal comprehension of the data weaker and less powerfull.
The final research query consists of a statement about the relationship of two or more variables, clearly identyfying the independent and dependent variables and the populations under examination.

For a greater number of clinical queries, Please directly contact onstat@zetaresearch.com

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Client's data will be analysed by skilled professionals, in order to fulfill client's research query. The final report will give an overview of one or multiple outcomes through tables and an explanation of the results. Results will be returned in word and/or pdf format, with formatted tables of the complete analysis. Clients may choose the delivery time, following his specific needs.

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