How to calculate your quotation

Dear Customer,

here a scheme useful for website surfing and to get and estimate of the required service through the price calculator. The price calculator, as the real service, takes into account time, needs and discounts.

In order to choose the service, please move the arrow on the price and select the service by clicking on the right button of the mouse. Once the service is selected, price’s cell highlights in green.

The first step is to choose how many research questions are going to be performed. For more than 2 questions, customers are requested to contact ONSTAT staff, in order to get a personalized and ad hoc service.

After clicking on the circle beside the chosen number of question, customers are asked to choose the language of output of the analysis. English is the default languaga. Besides that, Italian and Spanish are available choices. For more languages, customers are requested to contact ONSTAT staff, in order to get a personalized and ad hoc service.

Subsequently, customers are requested to select at least one data analysis service. A statystical report’s example is given on the left side, in order to present the final output. Customers may choose between an analyses completed and delivered back within 24h, 3 working days or 5 working days after payment is settled.

If a service of scientific production is requested, customers may choose it in the following section. Services are divided in two different formats. Standard reporting provides an extended explanation of results with the description of material and methods. Abstracts is provided with a clear explantion of material and methods used for the analysis and an extended description of the results. Posters are drafted in a powerpoint format, without specific formatting, with specific descriptions of material and methods, and results. Presentations is carried out in a powerpoint format, without any formatting, with eventual logo indicated from the clients. Drafting of scientific papers is developed with full description of materials and methods, with specific references, and the description of results. All results’ tables and figures are added, in the most suitable format, to abstracts, posters, presentations and scientific papers.

Standard service regarding the production of abtracts, poster or powerpoint presentations can be requested within the same working day of analysis’ delivery, one working day after or 3 working days after. The scientific paper is delivered within 3 or 5 working days after the analysis is consigned.

Premium reporting provides a package composed by an abstract aimed for congress' submissions, a powepoint presentation, a poster and a scientific paper ready for submission. Currently, the service is provided only as complete package, not divisible in subpackages. Provided paper, abstract, poster and powerpoint presentation are ready for submission and presentation. The complete package is delivered within 5, 10, or 20 working days after the analysis is consigned.

New database service is chosen by default. The service provides a basic reformatting and storage of customers’ s spreadsheet, for best suiting the analysis.

If customers own a promotional code, it can be inserted before the revising the summary table.

Once all services are chosen and promotional codes are inserted, customers may check the synoptic table resuming all costs and services requested. The order’s total cost is highlighted in bold letters, like so the complete delivery time of the services requested.