How to order

Dear Customer,

here a scheme useful for website surfing and order completion

below an synthetic illustration useful for navigation on the web site and for the order process. For the purchase of Services the customer must fill out the order on the website (redirect and send to Zeta Research S.r.l. the order form to purchase in electronic format (including data form of the buyer, billing module, module of choice of services), following the instructions on the Website

The customer, without the need to register on the Website, will have the opportunity to view the range of services, costs, with details of delivery times. The customer can then log on to the stage of purchase, by clicking the button ORDER NOW at the end of the page PRICES, or by clicking the BUY NOW button in the section MY ONSTAT or by clicking button ORDER NOW directly accessible from the HOME page. Chosen the service, the customer will be asked to register in case he had not already done so. Entering the username and password, the customer can access his personal area (login).

The customer then will load on the site his database (upload), which will then be reported as loaded into a mask of the website, indicating name, date and time of the upload. The loaded database is then presented in a specific mask on the website, such as a list of variables (variable names in the first row of each database loaded). You will be asked the customer to choose from a drop down menu the type of variable between text, number, date, percentage, or if it is evaluated by the customer as not useful for analysis, to select the field "ignore this field ". The customer must then enter in the open field a short description of the variables of interest for the analysis, leaving white fields that he do not want to be scanned.

An automatic control of the data will begin when the customer clicks on verification, at the end of the upload page. The system Onstat with produce for the customer a mask where are indicated the number of recorded observations, the number of errors recorded, the maximum and minimum in the case of numeric variables, percentages and dates, or all modes of text variables. Error correction shall be made by the customer. Once correct the file, the client can reperform the upload procedure and control, until the file is ready for analysis. Clicking on the box on the assumption of full responsibility for the quality of the data, the customer can then proceed to the next step by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

If the customer is faced with an excessive number of errors, and want to delegate the correction, he must select the option by checking the specific box at the bottom of the upload page, knowing that this service will be counted as supplementary service at the end of the order. The customer can then proceed to the next stage by clicking on the button at the bottom.

The customer will then enter into an open field specific for the clinical question. The customer will then have the possibility to upload to the website Onstat logos or images that want to attach to the report or to the services of scientific writing. At the end of this page the costumer will have the opportunity to enter into an open field descriptions of the file attachments and supplemental instruction. Once the page is complete, the customer clicks on the button proceed with data entry, and will be asked to enter personal data, including tax code and/or vat and then to select whether to proceed with payment via Paypal or by bank transfer. If the customer has requested that the correction mode data entry is to be made by onstat, the final price of the service will be increased by a total tax included, which will be indicated in the order summary.

In the event that the customer selects the payment by bank transfer, will get a page with a summary of the data indicated the order.

The customer may at any time during the purchase transaction, but prior to the order, correct any errors in data entry. In case, he must follow the proper procedure for modification contained in the Website. In particular, the customer has the right to change the amount and type of services that he intends to order, adding or deleting one or more services in the "SUMMARY ORDER" turned back to main menu of services, prior to the purchase final.

Placing an order

Via Internet on Website, 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7, after registration required. For orders received on Saturday and Sundays, or holidays, the delivery will begin from h. 9.00 am on the first working day, only if the filling of the spreadsheet is correct and only if Zeta Research S.r.l. has already received the payment of the required services, including the services reguarding the compilation of the spreadsheet if required by the customer.

Communication via e-mail

Once that has been sent the order, the customer will receive from Zeta Research S.r.l., on the mailbox communicated to the registration, an e-mail notification of receipt of the purchase. Subsequently, Zeta Research S.r.l. send a second e-mail summary to confirm the proposed purchase. Upon receipt by the Customer of that e-mail communication, the contract will be perfected.

Payment method

The payment of the service ordered shall be made exclusively in euro and exclusively in the manner paypal or bank transfer. Please note that payment must be paid in advance and must be equal to the amount indicated in the e-mail received of the order confirmation.

The costumer must sent to the fax number +39040358980 specified in the report order a copy of payments made by bank transfer. Will not be processed any order and ceased to begin even the term of delivery of services, until the payment is not received, assessed and collected through the banking system.


The amount of the payments listed in the second e-mail of acceptance of the proposal and of summary of the order is to be understood inclusive of tax, if due. If payment is received by a foreign customer tax will be spun off and returned. The customer will not have to pay additional amounts in addition to the one shown in the second e-mail confirming the reception of the order, without prejudice to the additional amounts which will have to pay when requested to Zeta Research s.r.l. the service of compiling the spreadsheet. In either case, the amount of the paymente will be summarized in the e-mail of acceptance by Zeta Research s.r.l. and the e-mail will also contain the proposed of filling of the spreadsheet.

Terms of fulfilment

Zeta Research S.r.l. undertakes to deliver the service required in the terms chosen by the customer, at the time of order, which begin from the reception by Zeta Research S.r.l. of the full payment (including the payment of the services regarding the compilation of the spreadsheet). Terms shall begin only when the spreadsheet is completed correctly.


To the customer, if he is consumer, is given the option to cancel the order or a part of it, even after he clicks the "Order Now" and he makes the payment, by sending a comunication, no later than 24 hours from the date of place the order, via fax to number 040/9771050. The customer shall not exercise any right of withdrawal if Zeta Research S.r.l. has already begun the execution of the service.

Complaints and clarifications

For any complaints or concerns the customer may contact the following e-mail address

Disputes and responsabilities

The contract of sale between the customer and Zeta Research S.r.l. is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law. For the solution of disputes arising from the conclusion of this contract of sale, the territorial competence is exclusively that of the Court of Trieste, and if the customer is a consumer jurisdiction is the Court of the place of residence of the customer.