CLIENT (C): When I submit my research question, shall I indicate the statistical test needed for the analysis?
ONSTAT (O): No, all the decision regarding the statistical methods needed for explicating the results following Clients research question are chosen from ONSTAT professionals. In order to get the best answer, be clear, concise and explicit in your research query.

C: Is ONSTAT a software for “automatic” statistical analysis?
O: No, ONSTAT is a website that allows a fast, simple and easy interaction between Clients and a professional staff of researchers, all in remote. All analysis will be performed by professionals, specifically deciding the best available option for each spreadsheet.

C: When I upload a spreadsheet, data check shows several mistakes, but I’m interested in a small number of variables. Shall I correct every mistake in order to have my analysis performed?
O: No, ONSTAT system lets every client choose the variable that are important and meaningful for Your research query. Clients has just to select “Ignore this field” in the scrolling window and data check will be performed ignoring all selected variables.

C: May I request several services, uploading different spreadsheets and formulating multiple research questions?
O: ONSTAT service is developed in order to fulfill the majority of Clients’ requests. This features make it a very standardized and reliable website. In order to get a highly personalized service, Clients are invited to directly contact ONSTAT by phone (tool –free number 800587718) or by email (onstat@zetaresearch.com).

C: In which format should I fill in the spreadsheet?
O: ONSTAT data check was developed in order to give to all professionals, a quick help to correct their own spreadsheet from errors that might have slipped . When compiling the spreadsheet, please follow the indications given in MYONSTAT section (www.onstat.it/databasedrafting).

C: May I purchase a service even if I’m not registered?
O: No, ONSTAT service is available only for its registered customers. For an overview on prices and timings, ONSTAT website can be consulted at OUR SERVICES (www.onstat.it/prices) section. Once the service is selected, Clients are requested to sign to complete the order. For new Clients, registration is compulsory before proceeding. Once registered, Clients can track history of their order, consult old invoices, update their personal information.

C: How can I unsubscribe from ONSTAT?
O: In order to unsubscribe from ONSTAT, Clients are required to fax a written request to +39 040358980