ONSTAT aims at targeting a broad range of needs both in academic and private research.

Doctors who own a database or a collection of data yet unfiled, and whose research interest has grown into several clinical queries, find in ONSTAT the answers for all their questions. ONSTAT supplies the best fitting analysis in order to solve the query and give back prompt answer, in a specific time frame chosen from the customers. Doctors can choose from different delivery time, and different services, ranging from in depth analysis of collected data to prompting congresses materials. ONSTAT service, totally on web and easily reachable 24/7 might be the perfect solution in the busy schedule of overloaded doctors.

ONSTAT may be a useful solution for professional congress organisers willing to upgrade their services, proposing new solutions and diversifying their offers for increasingly demanding clients. ONSTAT service may help in reaching this goals, maintaining smoothness of workflow, allowing to promote additional services without burdening routinely activities.

Students with dissertation’s deadline and not accustomed with data analysis, can find in ONSTAT an easy yet complete solution for their time and needs. With examples and explanations, ONSTAT website can guide every beginner to the formulation of a proper research question and the definition of a exhaustive data collection, resulting in a bullet point analysis useful for subsequent comments and evaluations

ONSTAT can meet the needs of all professionals, even those not belonging to any of the previous categories, but willing to develop their data or convert them in important basics for activities boost, to understand how to choose the best suiting marketing plan, to monitor business trends or to decide on administration policies or resources management.