ONSTAT is an online statistical analysis service, flexible and adaptable to every need.

ONSTAT portal allows every user to order an analysis, and eventually more scientific reporting services, on his specific requests. Personalized products and the complete power to choose delivery time, make ONSTAT the right choice for every professionals that desire to solve a scientific query but has no time or ways to do it. From client's research query, passing to the specific database, the rest is ONSTAT!

ONSTAT website offers data analysis and reporting service, where the whole process is remotely controlled.
ONSTAT’s structure allows to complete online the full process, reducing waiting time for results and scientific production, and decreasing overall prices with the suppression of some commercial mediation costs.
The database will be directly uploaded and checked through the website, and once the clinical query is given… the results will be prompted from the professional staff working at the ONSTAT project.

By mean of an online price calculator, it’s easily estimate how much the services would cost. The price calculator, as the real service, takes into account time, needs and discounts.
The quotation can be confirmed and settled afterwards directly at the end of the order, through PayPal secure transaction.
Registration can be completed in a few steps, as fast and quick as the service itself.
All registered clients will always have access to their member area, with a constant view of their purchase history, performed analysis, clinical queries, stored databases.

  • Fast delivery of the results
  • Accuracy of calculations
  • 100% Original Report
  • Personalized services
  • Data Analysis
  • Medical writing
  • Data Reporting
  • Congress' presentation drafting
  • Statisticians
  • Data Managers
  • Medical doctors
  • Biologists, chemists, nutritionists